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(43 MIN Empty-Hands Portion) 

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Welcome to our Ronin “Blade Tactics” Seminar at Fort Collins, CO (14 July 2018).  Join us as we talk and practice in detail the levels of a fight and the styles and forms I have drawn from to be effective at that level.  Understand affective range of weapons and how this will affect distance and timing. Learn how I create more time by closing the distance off of lines of attack. Understand meeting the force and following the force and how this extension will shift your opponent’s weight. Students will be taught the importance of getting off center-line “The X”

In this Seminar we will teach a form off of an ancient Indonesian Martial Art called Silat.  Huband meaning “to tie and untie”, is a affective technique to get off your opponents center-line.  Understand how the “Huband” trapping hands will clear the path of the blade and hands.

This Blade Tactics Seminar will introduce a lot of new instructions feeding off of the teachings from our (Blade Tactics Vol-1) Training Module.  I hope you enjoy our Fort Collins Seminar! Remember to empty the cup and clear the mind -only then can you truly learn.


Tu Lam -Rōnin

Course Curriculum

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    • Rōnin "Blade Tactics" Seminar Empty- Hands Portion (Fort Collins, CO -14 July 2018)

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    • INTRO: FT Collins, Co (Blade Tactics Seminar- Empty Hands)

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    Chapter 1: Empty Hands Tactics and Strategy

    • Chapter 1: Empty Hands Tactics and Strategy

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    Chapter 2: Hands On (Hubud)

    • Chapter 2: Hands On (Hubud)

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    Chapter 3: Closing "Strategy"

    • Chapter 3: Closing "Strategy"

About the Instructor

Senior Instructor


Primary Instructor: Tu Lam (Retired U.S. Army Special Forces- Green Beret)--23 Years Full Spectrum Warfare, U.S. Army Special Operations worked throughout 27 countries worldwide. Team-Leader assignments in Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance, Hostage Rescue, Direct Action and Counter-Terrorism Operations in permissive and non-permissive environments. Composite Special Forces team training and development team leader. Founder/CEO and Director of Training and Research Development for Ronin Tactics Inc.